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The SlimMinds Self Guided Individual Program is now available and includes the EFT and Food Craving Program! Read clinical trial abstract: 

Abstracts 6 Month Results - Click Here  

Abstracts 12 Month Results - Click Here

SlimMinds® is a mind and body approach to overcoming the mindset or belief that holds you back from achieving long-lasting body-shape change. It can be implemented via either a Group Program or an Individual Program.


Imagine learning a 15 minute technique that people have used to change their desire for trigger foods and that will last for as long as you want it to. Learn the psychological acupuncture technique to help override your emotional and physiological responses to different stimuli, including food!


You´ll learn psychological techniques for changing your thoughts and beliefs that may have prevented you in the past from successfully burning fat and keeping it off. You´ll learn skills to develop new eating patterns to catalyse your shape change and help you realise your life´s goals and potential.


The Slimminds Self Guided Individual Program includes CD’s and DVD’s with a comprehensive manual for printing with all techniques as scripts, audio versions of the techniques for your CD player/MP3 player/iPod; DVD examples of the techniques in use, and step by step instructions for applying the program at home or with the help of a support person* (e.g. Therapist/Dietitian) over 12 hourly sessions. Use SlimMinds® to enhance any other weight loss/diet program you are using – from the comfort of your own home!


To Purchase now at the Special Introductory Price of            


  • Special Introductory Price of
  • AU$129 incl. GST

Note: Delivery may be up to 45 days

* highly recommended that you work with a therapist to obtain optimal outcomes- for a list of therapists click here

If you wish to attend a SlimMinds Group Program please contact us on to find a group or if you wish to join our mailing list to receive our bimonthly newsmail full of tips and ideas to help you achieve your shape change goals- Mailing List

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The Food Craving and Tapping Program was developed by:
Dr Peta Stapleton, Psychologist
Ms Terri Sheldon, Psychologist
Mr Brett Porter. EFT Therapist