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What Is This Program About?

 Have you ever reduced your weight using a 'weight loss' system only to be disappointed when you went back to your old eating patterns and regain the fat? Or worse still, gained more fat when you lost? if you have or if you are about to start your first 'weight loss' attempt and you want to avoid this unhappy 'yo-yo' effect, then SlimMinds® is for you.

 Our combined experience of hundreds of clients who have been through the 'yo-yo' effect with well known 'weight loss' systems has motivated us to develop the SlimMinds®Program. 

 Most traditional 'weight loss' systems do help to educate people about healthy eating options and how physical activity (exercise) is beneficial. But almost all of those systems still rely almost entirely on your 'willpower' to change the old eating habits and avoid fattening foods. And there you have the problem! At some point you will start to be distracted by holidays, visitors, family crises, moving house, Christmas parties etc. Then you’ll relax your willpower and cease the diet system and exercise regimen. You’ll revert back to your old eating patterns because the habits haven’t really been removed or changed. This is where SlimMinds® is different.

The SlimMinds® Program focuses on shape-change through the use of psychological techniques. The techniques increase the success of long-term physical and emotional change. And once you’ve learned them you can continue to use them for all areas of your life. Research has long indicated that the preconscious mind, also referred to as the subconscious or unconscious, plays an extraordinary role in our everyday thoughts, beliefs and feelings. What goes on in the preconscious mind governs how we reduce fat, how long it will last, and whether or not we even get started!

The information on is made available for information purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Also, the accuracy, currency and completeness of the information is not guaranteed. Slimminds Pty Ltd does not accept any liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred by use of or reliance on the information.

* This Program is not suitable for people suffering from Anorexia Nervosa.

Utilizing the preconscious mind to change eating patterns and habits has been shown to be easy and quick to apply. The SlimMinds® Program is the best first step you can take for whatever changes you want to make in your life. If you’re going to start one of the traditional ‘weight loss’ systems, the SlimMinds® Program will enhance the benefits you get. With SlimMinds® you’ll learn techniques that can help you to remove the physical desire for certain unhealthy foods and you can make behaviours, like drinking water and doing physical activity, naturally pleasant.

The SlimMinds® Program is provided in a group format. There are a few Program scenarios including six two-hour sessions over several weeks and a combination of full-day Programs and full-day with some follow-up two-hour sessions. Each scheduled Program will indicate what the attendance times and dates are.

The SlimMinds® Program is also offered in accelerated versions (e.g. weekend courses). Our research has shown that these groups are just as effective. You meet on a Saturday (for example) for 6 hours and then the following Saturday for 6 hours and have the follow-up session or check-in with the facilitator some weeks later.  Please review the Find a Group Page to see when the next weekend course is on in your area.

Participants in the Program receive a Participant Manual which includes all information presented and CD’s of all psychological techniques.

The SlimMinds™ Program is not a replacement for your doctor’s advice nor is it a replacement for any medication or medical regimen you are undertaking. If you have a current medical condition or any pre-existing conditions, whether physical, emotional or mental, that is of concern to you, please seek the advice of your medical practitioner before commencing the SlimMinds® Program.