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Q. Is the SlimMinds® Program just like any other weight loss program or diet?

A. No! In fact this Program is not a diet at all nor is it focused on the concept of loosing weight. The SlimMinds® Program focuses on changing your body shape and size and burning fat. It has been designed to address what is missing in most traditional “weight loss” programs and that is, addressing the emotional drivers that lead people to overeat in the first place. It also addresses the self sabotaging beliefs and behaviours that keep leading people back to finding the weight they lost.

Q. Is SlimMinds® ok to do if I am already following another program like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or attending a gym or personal trainer?

A. Yes! In fact we believe that doing the SlimMinds® Program will enhance your achievements with these programs. It will also teach you easy to learn psychological techniques that will reduce food cravings, make problem food undesirable to you, make healthy food desirable, make physical activity desirable and have you manage the feelings and beliefs that have previously always undone your achievements.

Q. Why has the SlimMinds® Program been designed as a group Program.

A. Because research has shown that group based programs are generally more motivating for clients. However, the Program can be completed on an individual basis if you prefer.

Q. How long is the SlimMinds® Program?

A. The complete program is 12 hours usually presented in one of two formats.

1. Six lots of 2 hours held over 5 consecutive weeks with a 2 hour follow-up session approximately  4 weeks after the last session

2. A full day version (approx 6 hours) which is usually held either over a weekend or over 2 days in consecutive weekends. A 2 hour follow-up session is arranged approximately 2 to 4 weeks later

Q. Who presents the Program?

A. SlimMinds® has a number of facilitators from different backgrounds. They have all been trained in facilitating the unique SlimMinds Program. Some come from health, psychology, nutrition, physical activity or business backgrounds.

Q. What will I get out of the Program?

A. What you get out of the Program is up to you and the goals you set. You have opportunities in the Program to experience all the life changing techniques that we teach you and you also have these on CD to practice in your own time. Our byline is Change your Mind, Change your Shape and Change your Life because this is how we see the Program effecting people. You are given optional menu plans and a manual with all the information covered in the program. Read the testimonials web page for more information on what others have got from our Program.

Q. Is SlimMinds® suitable for people with medical conditions?

A. Yes, the program is based on psychological techniques and gives general advice about food and exercise. It has been developed in conjunction with advisors in the medical, nutrition and physical exercise professions. It is not however a substitute for a Doctor’s care and should you have concerns about your suitability you may want to talk with us and your treating doctor.

Q. Do I have to buy other materials or shakes etc?

A. No, this program is not about being on a shake or bar diet. We do however discuss accelerated fat burning systems and provide some general advice in relation to these should clients wish to utilize one.

Q. Is SlimMinds® appropriate for anyone?

A. SlimMinds® is suitable for adults and older teenagers. As SlimMinds® deals specifically with emotional eating issues it is helpful also for people who have symptoms of depression, anxiety, distorted body image and some eating disorders. It is also suitable for sports people who have made the changes to their body shape but wish to maintain it. It is not suitable, however, for people suffering with Anorexia Nervosa.

Q. Where can I attend a Program?

A. We currently have facilitators on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and in Colorado USA. We will be expanding into other regions in the very near future. Check the find a group page to find out where and when the next Program is being held.

Q. How much does it cost to attend a Program?

A. The recommended price is $695 for the full 12 hour program, however various facilitators may have specials available in your area so please contact either the facilitator who has referred you or head office to be put in touch with the facilitator in your area.

Q. Is there additional support available after the Program has finished?

A. Yes. In the last session your facilitator will discuss with you what options you have. You will all be given access to the clients' only section of the website and will also receive monthly newsmails keeping you informed of research, further techniques and suggestions and some advanced courses and workshops. Some people discover that they need some one on one sessions with either a therapist, nutritionist or personal trainer.  Some Facilitators may also offer phone consultations.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Either contact the facilitator who referred you to this website or if no one referred you then contact us at head office on 617 55202 752 or by email on and book in to the next available Program.